Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Wine Serving Tip - Why Your Red Wine Glasses Need to Be Larger

Wine Serving Tip - Why Your Red Wine Glasses Need to Be Larger

Have you ever wondered why it matters if you have a red wine glass versus a white wine glass? Well that larger bowl in the red wine glass style allows you to do that fancy wine swirl you see in the movies. You know...the one where after the swirl the wine snob usually complements the wine's legs? 

But, the swirl is a real thing when you are tasting (or serving) wine. Since we experience food and drink with all of our senses, red wine swirled in a 22 oz red wine glass can elevate your wine tasting experience. That red wine swirl gives your wine a chance to open to it's fullest flavor profile. 

In addition to enhancing the wine's flavor, a larger red wine glass will allow you to smell the nose of the wine without sticking your nose in the wine. Yeah...that can be awkward. 

Even if you decant or aerate your red wine, that little swirl before your first sip can change the taste and the smell of the wine enough for your taste buds (your palette) to embrace each note of flavor. So, once you've swirled your red wine, complemented it's legs, and taken a whiff, you are now ready to "chew your wine" and enjoy.

Now, unfortunately for me, when you hand me that over-sized red wine glass, I have to remember not to over pour. It can be tempting to fill the wine glass over that standard 5 to 6 ounce pour. However, a little advice from my own experience, swirling a glass of wine that is too full is a big mess.

How much importance do you put on serving your wine in the right glass? Comment...then, share this wine serving tip with your friends.

Cheers wine friends!


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