Tuesday, July 16, 2013

7 Wine Cork Craft Ideas for Crafty Wine Lovers

I love the idea of reusing my wine corks. There are so many craft ideas on the Internet that use wine corks. We even have wine cork trivet kits to help you get started with reusing those corks. But, finding fun and unique cork craft ideas on Pinterest is just as much fun. I even created a Cork Crafts pinboard to gather my ideas as I collect my corks in a cork holder on my kitchen counter. (See some of the NEW cork holders at A Bit of Wine at the end of this post.)

Here are my top 5 cork craft ideas from A Bit of Wine's Pinterest boards. Be sure to follow us on Pinterest & share your cork crafts with us.

1. Cork Birdhouse  

2. Cork Candle Holder

3. Cork Word Art    

4. Cork Pots for Tiny Succulents

5. Cork Cheese Serving Utensils

6. Cork Plant Labels  

7. Cork Napkin Holders

If you are looking for fun and stylish ways to collect your corks until your next project, A Bit of Wine has several wine cork holders ready to order for any decor. 



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  1. Love this! Hope we can collaborate soon.

    1. Absolutely Natasha! Looking forward to it.


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