Monday, August 4, 2014

Wine Serving Tip - The Perfect Serving Temperature for Red Wines

Wine Serving Tip - The Perfect Serving Temperature for Red Wines

No matter your level of wine experience, most people know that red wines are served at room temperature and white wines are served chilled. However, room temperature can vary greatly depending on the time of year or where you are enjoying that glass of big red wine. 

As a red wine drinker myself, it took me many years of drinking 'the juice' to realize that red wines are best served between 62 - 68 degrees. 

While this temperature range may be 'room temperature' for many wine lovers, it is important to note that maintaining a steady temperature is also important. When storing your red wines, large temperature fluctuations can affect the aging process of the wine. 

For these reasons (and many more), even the most casual of every day wine lovers need to consider how and where they are storing their wine. A proper wine cellar or wine fridge can maintain the temperature of a bottle of red wine so that it is the perfect serving temperature for your next wine party.

Dual zone wine fridges are the perfect solution for storing your wine in a compact, yet easy to reach place. Each temperature zone can be set based on the bottles you are storing. Set the temperature for your red wines between the 62-68 degree range and white wines 49-55 degrees.

So...are you more likely to serve red wine or white wine at your wine parties? Comment below, then share A Bit of Wine with your friends.

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