Monday, July 28, 2014

Wine Serving Tip - Sharp Sparkling Wine Glasses Matter

Wine Serving Tip - Sharp Sparkling Wine Glasses Matter

True wine lovers know, understand, and appreciate the classic elements that go into enjoying a bit of wine. The wine glass is an integral part of the wine tasting experience. While we enjoy entertaining wine parties with food, friends, and wine, nothing will kill the experience like cloudy wine glasses.

Keeping your wine glasses sparkling clean seems pretty common sense, most every day wine lovers may take for granted how even a little cloud in the glass before the wine is poured can change the way you enjoy that glass of wine. So, to keep your wine glasses sparkling clean, here are a few quick tips:

  1. Properly rinse out each wine glass at the end of the evening, if you aren't going to immediately wash them after the festivities. Removing the wine before it's dried on will make cleaning easier the next day.
  2. Use a high quality wine glass cleaning solution, sponge, and warm water to wash away residual wine that is in the wine glass. A mild detergent is recommended, and use it sparingly.
  3. Add an extra rinse to remove any soap residue from your cleaning solution or soap. Even if your soap is a mild detergent, an extra rinse will remove any residue that will interfere with the flavor and aroma of your future wine tasting experience.
  4. Allow the wine glasses to thoroughly air dry before putting them back in the cabinet. Setting your wine glasses on a drying rack upside down will allow the water to drip off, minimizing water streaks on the bowl of the glass.

Always remember: If you are serving wine at your next party, good quality wine glasses matter. Be sure to present the best image to your guests with sharp and sparkling wine glasses.

(Side note: We keep a set of wine glasses on hand for our every day wine enjoyment, and a second set of high quality lead free crystal wine glasses stored away for our wine parties. You can never have too many wine glasses, right?)

What type of wine glasses are in your wine cabinet?

Cheers wine friends!


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