Thursday, March 27, 2014

Six Simple Steps to Using The Ocean Series Wine Aerators

Six Steps to Using The Ocean Series Wine Aerators

Earlier we shared a Product Highlight of the Ocean Series Wine Aerators. These 3 classic wine aerators provide wine lovers with sturdy pewter aeration option that will impress guest. They are cute, fun and whimsical aerators that work best with a classic wide mouth wine decanter. 

Here are the six simple steps to using any of the ocean series wine aerators for your favorite bottles of wine:

  1. Place the aerator in the neck of your decanter. 
  2. Gently pour your bottle of wine over the aerator.
  3. Let it pass over the aerator into the decanter. {As the wine passes over the aerator, it will create more surface area of the wine, thus opening up the flavors and notes of the bottle.}
  4. Allow all of the wine drip off the aerator. 
  5. Remove from the decanter. {The amount of time to allow the wine to open in the decanter will vary based on the bottle}
  6. When the wine is ready, pour it directly from the decanter into your wine glass.
How often do you aerate your wine? Share with us in the comments.



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