Monday, March 31, 2014

38 Reasons You Can Never Have Too Many Wine Charms

At A Bit of Wine, we love our wine charms. But, we are constantly have the same debate...can you ever have too many wine charms? I don't think it is possible. In fact, I came up with my best 38 reasons you can never have too many wine charms.

How many of them do you agree with? Can you think of more? Comment below this post & tell us your thoughts.

Here are my 38 reasons you can never have too many wine charms:

  1. Wine charms are fun.
  2. Wine charms are whimsical.
  3. Wine charms are affordable.
  4. Wine charms make your wine glass stylish.
  5. There are thousands of different wine charm designs.
  6. There are thousands of different color schemes for wine charms.
  7. You can have a set of wine charms for every season.
  8. You can have a set of wine charms for every occasion.
  9. Wine charms show your wine style on your glass.
  10. You can use wine charms when you have a party.
  11. You can use wine charms when you are at home alone.
  12. Wine charms add some flair to your wine glass.
  13. Wine charms make great wine gifts for your mom.
  14. Wine charms make great wine gifts for your best friend.
  15. Wine charms make great wine gift for a party hostess.
  16. Wine charms make a great add-on to that wine gift your are already buying.
  17. Wine charms are a classic wine gift for any wine lover in your life.
  18. You can use wine charms on the stem of your wine glass.
  19. For stemless wine glasses - you need the wine glass markers to stick to the bowl of your wine glass.
  20. You can change your wine charms to match your home wine decor.
  21. There are silicone wine charms.
  22. There are silver wine charms.
  23. There are pewter wine charms.
  24. There are glass wine charms.
  25. Wine charms can be custom made to make any event memorable.
  26. Wine charms keep you from sharing your wine with someone you don't like.
  27. Wine charms prevent a disastrous wine mix up at your wine party.
  28. You can match a wine party guest's wine charm to their personality.
  29. Wine charms can be changed to match your mood.
  30. Wine charms don't take up a lot of space - they tuck nicely into the drawer of your wine cabinet.
  31. Wine charms - like shoes - a lady can never have too many.
  32. What will you do if your dog eats your favorite wine charm?
  33. What happens if you lose your favorite wine charm?
  34. What happens if your best friend takes your favorite wine charm home?
  35. Just one successful wine party could eliminate your entire stock of wine charms - stock up.
  36. You don't want your wine glass charm not to match your outfit {gasp}!
  37. Wine charms make great home wine decor - think accessorizing your tablescape.
  38. Who doesn't love a new set of wine charms?
So, what reasons did I miss? Comment on this post...then share it with your friends so tell us their thoughts too.



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