Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Raise a Glass! Wine Wednesday Has Been Proven

Its official, Wine Wednesday has been scientifically proven in a study by bottling company, Cobevco. At exactly 6:55pm on Wednesday evenings every week, we are exactly half way through the work week. It is the proverbial peak of the hump in our working lives.

The same study also reveals that men are quicker to uncork - pouring a glass at 6:40 pm while women on average are a half hour behind them at 7:07pm. And an overwhelming 76% of participants in the study prefer to drink at home versus a bar.

Laura Phillips, an admin assistant, summed up the mood of a Wednesday evening when she told the study that she "always gets into my pajamas and enjoy a few glasses at around 7pm with my dinner. It's the perfect time to sit on the sofa and share a nice bottle of red."

She added: "We don't necessarily polish the bottle off, but it really takes the edge off and helps me relax in the middle of a hectic week."

So, how do you enjoy your Wine Wednesday? Share in the comments.



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