Monday, March 24, 2014

Product Highlight: The Ocean Series Wine Aerators

Wine lovers understand the benefit of aerating a bottle of wine in order to experience a full flavor profile of the wine. {that's all the wine snobbery I have for this post}

However...who does this for EVERY bottle of wine? I'll admit that for my every day wine, I rarely take the time to let it breath the way we should. Hand me a well aged vintage paired with the right meal, then I may slow down and let my wine tools do their work...Keith will make sure of it.

So, any wine tool that can speed up the decanting process is a wine tool I make sure to have on hand. A cool wine aerator can minimize the time needed in the decanter for breathing and opening up. 

There are many styles of wine aerators you can use. Some plug into the top of the wine bottle or others allow you to aerate the wine by the glass. These are quick aerating fixes when you want to pour the wine right into the wine glass with no waiting, no presentation, no decanter. 

While these 'in-the-bottle' or 'by-the-glass' wine aerators work perfectly fine, the Ocean Series of wine aerators are a stylish and classy way to aerate your wine as its going into your wine decanter. Perhaps you are hosting a dinner party and want to show off your wine sophistication. Or you are a lover of the ocean, so pulling out the puff fish wine aerator is a tool you'd enjoy using more often. Either way, this series is a fun and whimsical way to show your wine style like a true wine aficionado.

All of the Ocean Series wine aerators are:

  • 100% pewter
  • Best when used with a decanter
  • Inspired by the sea
  • Weigh .5 lb to 1.5 lb

Choose from:

Do you see yourself or a friend using a classic wine aerator like the Ocean Series? Why or why not? Share with us in the comments.



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