Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Quick Wine Party Prep Tips from A Bit of Wine

A few weeks ago we featured our suggestions for all your wine party hosting necessities. Beyond having all the right wine tools to host your favorite wine lovin' friends, you want to have a game plan for the wine and food you plan to serve during the festivities.

Here is a quick breakdown of how you can plan a wine menu to meet everyone's palate preferences:

1. Stick to one type of  white wine. Then pick up 1 bottle for every 2 guests. A Chardonnay will typically please most white wine lovers, but don't be afraid to strike out with a Pinot Grigio (aka Pinot Gris) or a blush wine.

2. Only offer one choice of red wine. Then pick up 1 bottle for every 2 guests. A Cabernet Sauvignon is a red wine crowd-pleaser. But in some of my more recent experiences an Argentinian Malbec has wow-ed palettes. Or try a Pinot Noir to pair with your food spread.

3. Assemble a cheese platter to pair with your wine selection. Refer to the Entertainer's Guide to Wine & Cheese Pairing that we shared a few weeks ago for a starting point. I also recommend using a cheese platter with serving utensils to label your selections. 

4. Explore offering a sweet treat pairing to complement your wine selection. Chocolate and wine is classic pairing for your red wine. Consider fruit to pair with your white wines - apples, pears, & peaches work nicely with a Chardonnay.

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What is your favorite tip for planning an awesome wine party? Share with us in the comments.



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