Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hosting Necessities for Your Next Wine Party

There is nothing that breaks up the dullness of cold weather than a wine party with your favorite wine loving friends. Wine warms the hearts and brings people together and makes memories that last a lifetime. 

We love hosting wine parties with our favorite friends, neighbors, and family. Every wine hostess needs a standard stock of hostess necessities for your next wine party.

Wine Glasses - You can't drink wine without the glass (straight from the bottle is not classy). So, every wine hostess should be prepared with an arsenal of wine glasses. You can pick up the plastic ones, but I've never been a fan of a plastic wine glass. They don't have to be expensive, but make sure you have stemmed wine glasses for your party guests.

Wine Charms - Keep everyone's wine glasses marked with a variety of wine charms. Typically one unique charm per guest. Or try the wine glass marker where you can write names directly on the glass. Either way wine charms make great hostess gifts, and hostesses can always use an extra set.

Cheese Serving Platters - How will you serve your cheese without a fun & stylish platter? Check out any variety of serving platters - from slate to maple. A recycled wine barrel lazy susan makes for a great serving platter when you have a lot of guests over.

Wine Coasters - Eliminate those wine glass rings around your house with stylish wine coasters. The Grab & Go Wine Coaster set slip right onto the foot of a wine glass. So, no matter where you guest sets their glass, there is sure to be no ring.

A wine party is not only a good idea in the cold weather, try hosting a wine party anytime of the year. And the wine sippy cups are great for those outdoor parties - the lid keeps the bugs out and minimizes spills.

So, how many wine parties do you host each year?



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