Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Add A Bit of Wine to Your Home Decor

I love the feel of the vineyard. The history of the grapes. The rustic wood textures. And of course the colors of the wines bring warmth and homeyness to any room. One of my favorite product expansion projects has been to explore the home wine decor for our shop. Since I love to shop and decorate my home, I've created a list of my favorite pieces of home wine decor so you can add a bit of wine to your home as well.

-At the Table

No table is complete without a lazy susan. This recycled wine barrel lazy susan is a classic and elegant touch to any dining room or kitchen table. For a personalized touch, check out our personalized lazy susans.

A little candelabra is a rustic touch to your tablescape. Whether hosting a wine party or for every day use, these wine bottle lighting options turn your wine bottles into gorgeous centerpieces everyone will be talking about.

-On the Walls

Art for your walls can say a lot about your style. So, deciding between the Wine Union Tapestry and the Le Cafe Tapestry may come down to where you want to hang it and which color makes the most sense for your style. I love both of these and Le Cafe Tapestry will look great in my dining room.

Another way to add a bit of wine style to your home is with a wall mounted wine rack. I featured a beautiful Fleur de Lis wine rack in an earlier post. But I also love the modern edge that our Vector Hanging Wine Rack gives to the kitchen.

-In the Kitchen

There is so much you can do in the kitchen to bring in a bit of wine. First, consider a wine rack with tabletop feature that would store your wine while providing extra counter top space. I like the neutral tones of the Basic 28 Bottle Wine Rack for maximum storage space with extra table top space.

Not looking for new kitchen wine furniture? Check out a countertop wine rack that expresses your wine style. For the ladies there are several styles of our high heel wine bottle holders. And for the gentlemen, we have vintage trucks or golf club wine bottle holders. They don't take up a lot of space and only hold one bottle of wine each, but they are fun and a great way to display your bottle during your next wine party.

There are thousands of ways you can add a bit of wine to your home decor. So, when you are planning on redecorating or adding a new style to a room in your house, check out our Home Wine Decor section for ideas & inspiration.

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