Tuesday, January 7, 2014

4 Tips for Picking the Right Wine Rack

Picking the right wine rack for your home can be a fun process with all the fun designs, styles, and unique ways to store your wine artfully. But, when it comes to finding the right fit, the most fun design might not always be the right choice for your needs.

Before spending hundreds (or thousands) of dollars on a new wine rack, consider these 4 tips for picking the right wine rack.

1. How many bottles do you need to store?
2. Where are you trying to make storage space?
3. What are the measurements of the space you have for a new wine rack?
4. How accessible do your wines need to be?


Based on storage space and the quantity of bottles you are trying to store, consider these 3 types of wine racks to get you started on the path to picking the right wine rack:

  • Counter top wine racks provide a compact storage design, but are limited by size. There are some really cool counter top wine storage designs that are great conversation pieces. However, I wouldn't rely on a counter top wine rack for any long-term wine storage. Counter top wine racks are great for every day wine lovers who want to grab their favorite bottle as they sit down to dinner.

  • Wall-mounted wine racks provide a wine storage solution that is focused on the decorative element of hanging your wine on the wall. Wall-mounted wine racks are inspired by the vineyards and the wine bars stacked high with all of our favorite bottles. However, there can be limitations to these wall-mounted design especially if you are lacking wall space to hang the right size rack. So measure your wall space before ordering any wall mounted wine rack. 

  • Free standing wine racks are the most ideal for large wine collections. The storage offered in a free standing wine rack is perfect for the every day wine lover who is growing their collection, but wants to keep it within reach for that special occasion with loved ones. Most free standing wine racks offer a dual purpose with a tabletop for added counter space or a cabinet door with a glass rack for your finest crystal wine glasses. Consider adding a counter top wine rack to the top of a free standing wine rack for an extra taste of the vineyard with added flair.

For more wine inspired wine rack options, shop A Bit of Wine's collection for a wide selection to fit the right space in your home.

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