Monday, January 13, 2014

4 Wine Racks to Celebrate Your Wine Style

Is your wine collection growing? Or do you need to freshen up the way you store your bottles of wine? Buying a quality wine rack can be fun, but you need to establish what type of wine rack will best suit your wine style needs. 

The way we see it, wine racks fall into 4 wine style categories based on your need for this new piece of wine furniture. 

Let's look at these 4 wine style categories so you can better understand what might work best in your home or bar.

A Show Piece - These wine racks are creative in design and typically offer a unique way to hold your bottles in an open space, such as on a counter or tabletop. Often show piece wine racks provide an element of art in the way the display your bottles of wine and can be conversation pieces during your wine party. A show piece wine rack is a great way to show some wine style and make a great gift for stylish wine lovers.

One of my favorite show piece wine racks is the Nambe Jouste Wine Rack designed by Lou Henry. This elegant piece elegantly displays up to 6 bottles by suspending them between two pieces of acacia wood panels.

A Decorative Piece - A decorative wine rack can be similar to a show piece wine rack, but the difference is that a decorative piece tends to be more traditional design for storing your wine. Most of the time I consider a wall mounted wine rack as more decorative than a show piece, but there are some wall mounted wine racks that definitely fit in the 'show piece' category. A decorative wine rack also makes a great gift for a new homeowner or for anyone looking to add some vineyard style to their home.

Depending on your home wine decor, I like the Monterey Arbor Vertical Wine Rack. The ornate glass grapes and vine designs brings a feel of the vineyard into your home.

A Cellar Piece - A cellar wine rack is designed to maximize efficiency in your wine cellar. Whether at home or in your bar, a cellar wine piece is sturdy, practical, and space saving. They are more traditional style wine racks that look classic in a cellar while maximizing space. Most often, a cellar wine rack is needed for wine lovers who are expanding their wine collection and looking for long term wine storage solutions. 

Its worth noting that a cellar piece wine rack does not mean it can only be used in a cellar. For example, the 12 Bottle X Cube-Stack Wine Rack could serve a space efficient storage option in a small kitchen and could even be an 'every day piece.'

An Every Day Piece - These wine racks are designed to hold the few bottles you plan to enjoy soon. These every day piece wine racks look great in a kitchen or dining room. I don't typically keep a bottle on an every day wine rack for more than a couple of days. They are functional and if you shop at the right place, there are tons of everyday wine racks that are stylish and could fall into the decorative category. 

Take a look at the Designer 20 Bottle Wine Cabinet for holding your everyday wine bottles in a functional cabinet with tabletop space that will great in any kitchen or nook.

As you can see these are not exclusively exhausted categories. But depending on the style and function, you may be in the market for a wine rack that fits more than one of our wine rack style categories. So, take some time to identify the style wine rack you are looking for, then check out the wine rack collections at A Bit of Wine.

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