Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wine Serving Tip - Perfectly Chilled White Wine to Make Your Guests Happy

Wine Serving Tip - Perfectly Chilled White Wine to Make Your Guests Happy

Every wine lover knows that white wine is served cold. A perfectly chilled white wine will enhance the varietals flavor notes without nullifying the bouquet. When a white wine is served too cold, the flavor profile can fall flat. White wine should not be so cold that it tastes more like alcohol than wine. This can happen if the bottle is chilled below approximately 49 degrees.

So, at your next wine party when you are serving white wine for your guests, try some of these options for keeping your white wine properly chilled throughout the party: 

  1. Use an ice bucket for holding one or more bottles. A larger bucket works best if you plan to have multiple white or rose wine bottles open at the same time.
  2. Stock up your dual-zone wine fridge. Since one zone is typically set for storing white wine, this ensures that any unopened bottles are ready to go at your guests' drinking pace.
  3. Find a quality wine bottle chiller. There are a couple different styles to choose from for this option:
    • Outside of the bottle wine chiller is a previously frozen sleeve that fits secure around the outside of the bottle to keep the temperature low. This type of wine chiller has decorative options that can fit your home wine decor style.
    • Inside the bottle wine chill sticks are the tubular sticks that are pre-frozen and designed to fit inside the bottle after it is opened to chill the wine from the inside out. This type of wine chiller will be paired with a aerator/pour spout at the top to aerate your white wine as you pour (yes, you can aerate white wine).

REMEMBER: The most optimal temperature for serving perfectly chilled wine is between 49 - 55 degrees Fahrenheit

If you are throwing a last minute wine party, or need a quick fix for chilling that room temperature bottle of wine, check out our 4 Tips to Chill Your Wine Bottle and 6 Wine Hacks for Keeping Your Wine Cool.

Not throwing a wine party, but still want perfectly chilled white wine? Try the new HOST Freeze Cooling Wine Glasses for you and your favorite wine lover. These double-walled wine glasses have a layer of optimized cooling gel that when frozen will stay frozen and keep your single glass of wine the perfect temperature for enjoying a quiet evening at home.

So, tell me white wine lovers, what tips do you have for keeping your white wine the perfect temperature? Share below in the comments - then tweet this wine serving tip.

Cheers wine friends!


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