Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wine Pairing Tip: What to Serve with a Hearty Steak

Wine Pairing Tip: What to Serve with a Hearty Steak

Steak + Red Wine = No brainer for most wine lovers, right? Today's wine pairing tip is to pair a peppery red wine with a hearty steak to enhance its flavor.

Depending on how big or how peppery your red wine is will depend on how well it will pair with your seasoned steak. What is a 'peppery' red wine, you ask? Let me explain:

When tasting (or drinking) a glass of red wine that has 'peppery' tones, you can taste an essence that reminds your tastebuds of a fresh cracked peppercorn. A Shiraz from the Barossa region of Australia tends to have pepper notes (a bottle of Sygnat Shiraz will give you those pepper tones). In the United States, Cabernets from Paso Robles, California can deliver these flavor notes, as well.

Typically a peppery red wine will be complemented with rich smooth tanins that will offset the bite of the pepper notes. You may even pick up a few notes of black fruits (think black cherry jam) in select bottles of red wines that fit this profile.

When you add these flavors into a single glass of wine, then pair it with a hearty well-seasoned grilled steak you are in store for a culinary experience that keeps you wanting more. 

What's your favorite red wine and steak pairing? Share in the comments below.

Cheers wine friends!

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