Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Wine Tasting Tip: Easily Remove & Save Your Labels

Wine Tasting Tip: Easily Remove & Save Your Labels

We love our wine journals at A Bit of Wine. They make it really easy to save your notes and experiences with your favorite bottles of wine. There are many styles of wine journals you can use. Pick one that matches your home wine decor or shows off your personality. Then, keep it close each time you drink a new bottle of wine.

Picking the right style wine journal is the easy part. Removing that wine label can be pesky. One trick we have learned is to put the empty wine bottle in the oven for 2-3 minutes at 350 degrees. This will allow the adhesive to loosen so you can easily remove the label without damaging the artwork.

That's right, wine labels can be pieces of art. I can get lost in our local wine shop just admiring the wine labels. I may even choose a bottle or 2 just because I love the label art.

So, don't damage the label be soaking it off. Watch the bottle carefully as its in the oven. If its in there too long it could start to burn. Just a quick couple of minutes should do the trick. 

Wine Tasting Notes you should include for each wine journal entry:

  • Wine bottle label (as we've been discussing)
  • The name & year of the vintage
  • The date you enjoyed the bottle
  • The company with you while you enjoyed the bottle
  • The occasion (birthday, anniversary, etc.)
  • Your wine tasting notes about the wine. (Nothing fancy or sophisticated, just the flavors you tasted and whether or not you like it.)
If baking off your wine bottle label scares you or you are afraid you will damage an beautiful label of a special bottle of wine, consider having a box of LabelOff Wine Label Remover in your wine tool collection. These strips are coated with a strong commercial adhesive that separates the wine label to remove only the printed surface. Plus, these wine label removers leave you with a nicely laminated wine label for your journal.

How often do you buy a bottle of wine based purely on the design of the label - Every time, Once in a while,  or Never? Comment and tell us your thoughts.

*Don't forget to share this wine tasting tip with your wine friends.*

Cheers wine friends!


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