Saturday, October 26, 2013

Remove a Bit of Cork from your Wine

We've all done it - broke the cork as we twist the corkscrew, and pieces fall into the bottle. No one wants to be drinking cork in their wine. You have 2 less than ideal options:

1.) Pour the wine and cork into a glass. This isn't ideal especially if you are entertaining guests.
2.) Strain the wine to get rid of the wine. This can gets messy if you are planning to decant the wine and strain it first.

But, now I've found a clever way to remove those pesky cork pieces from your bottle of wine. Simply take a drinking straw. Place it over the piece of cork and put your finger on top of the straw to create suction. The bit of cork will be sucked into the straw. 

This trick works great for those small wine cork pieces, and can work on larger pieces if you create enough suction.

Now you can enjoy a bit of wine cork-free with your friends.



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