Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tuesday Tasting: Over the Moons - Bay Moon Sauvignon Blanc & Velvet Moon Cabernet Sauvignon

What are your go-to bottles that you always have on hand for a relaxing evening at home?  

I find myself resorting to the same bottles over and over again. Two of my favorites are Bay Moon and Velvet Moon from Trader Joe's. I decided to take a look at why I'm in this wine rut - or why I am 'over the moon' in love with these two ‘Moon’ varietals.

The Story of the Moons

Bottled by Trader Moon Wine Company in Manteca, California, these two bottles are distinctly different. Bay Moon Sauvignon Blanc captures the crispness of the ocean air with a light, crisp, clean profile that pairs nicely with fruits and cheeses. Velvet Moon Cabernet Sauvignon is a warm medium bodied red wine that is one of the oldest of all the moons. Typically the last to be harvested, this cabernet grape is allowed to mature on the vine making for a well-developed and delicious glass.

Now for the Tasting Notes:

Bay Moon –
  • Initial Smell & Taste – After a quick swirl, I take a deep smell of the wine. It offers a crisp green apple and pear smell with an undertone of lemon. A slight hint of straw is on the nose, but we make a crucial mistake - beware of serving it too cold. The first sip was cold and tart and you could hardly taste any of the flavors from the first smell.
  • Second Sip – with only about 5 minutes out, the lemon we smelled earlier is amplified reminding me of a fresh lemon meringue pie. It’s fresh and enticing on a warm summer evening. Another sip at the slightly warmer temperature, the lemon meringue is lost and a clean crisp straw shine through with a sweetness that complements the green apple we smelled early on. You can taste the crispness of the green apple while the sweetness is balanced by notes of straw. Its clean. Its crisp. It the perfect summer wine.

Velvet Moon –
  • Initial Smell & Taste – On the nose, blackberry, dark cherry, and vanilla permeate my sense. It has a warmth that is like a fleece blanket by the fire while it’s snowing outside. At room temperature, the first taste doesn’t have a punch of alcohol like most red wines straight out of the bottle. The dark cherry on the nose translates to a red cherry flavor with a hint of creamy vanilla on your palette. This wine doesn’t take long to open and it has an easy-to-sip quality that makes it go back a little too easy.
  • Second Taste – those black cherry notes are developing nicely with vanilla cream smell. In only a few minutes the flavor profile has developed full circle reaching a peak quickly where the flavors of cherry and vanilla are well balanced and perfect for enjoying. Its not a big red wine, but this Cabernet Sauvignon is a red I’d drink year round with almost any meal.

While it depends on my mood as to which of these 2 moons are in my glass, I tend to prefer my Velvet Moon as a trusty go-to bottle. I could curl up with it every night and never get tired of the rich body and velvety texture.

What is your ‘go-to’ wine? Bottle, vineyard or varietal. Tell us what you like to drink.



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