Monday, July 1, 2013

Wine Accessories for Summertime Fun

Wine and warm weather! Enjoying time with the family outside in the summer is my favorite pastime. Swimming at the pool, picnics in the park, and grilling great food makes the warm summer days great for family togetherness . Add wine to this equation and it is perfect.

At A Bit of Wine, we relish new wine accessories designed with warm weather wine enjoyment in mind. We have a whole list of wine accessories for your summertime fun.

Check out these new wine accessories that are made for the wine enthusiast's summer relaxation.

1. Nantucket Wine Picnic Tote - Take this wine tote to the beach or to the park, either way, its will hold everything you need. The Nantucket Wine Picnic Tote comes with acrylic wine glasses, a corkscrew, and place settings for 4. Add your favorite bottle of wine, fruits & cheeses for a perfect picnic pairing.

2. High Stakes Picnic Table - I love this table for my backyard or to take on my next camping trip. With a stake that stand just over one foot, the table is designed to hold 2 wine glasses with enough room for some snacks. Amazing wine accessory for outside wine enjoyment.

3. Metropolitan 2-Bottle Wine Tote - Take your wine with you in style this summer. This grey and purple Metropolitan Wine Tote holds 2 bottles of your favorite wine, plus comes with 2 wine glasses, a corkscrew and bottle stopper. A stylish way to celebrate summertime with wine.

4. Summer Themed Wine Charms - Dress up your wine glass this summer with our summer themed wine charms. We have nautical themed charms, BBQ wine charms, and flip-flop wine charms. They are a whimsical way to mark your wine glass while sipping around the pool or in your backyard.

Don't forget to shop our new The Epicurean Table for additional wine sets at huge savings with free shipping. 

What are your wine plans this summer?



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  1. Love the Nantucket Wine Picnic Tote!!!

    Visiting from SITS! Have a great Holiday!!

    1. Hi Jessi! Thanks for stopping by. The Nantucket is my new summertime favorite. Cheers!

  2. I love the wine tote! I could use that in my life...I may have to go out and get one. I got you from SITS on FB.

    1. Hi Roni! These totes are fabulous. 2 of my favorites! You can order one or both from Thanks for stopping by! Cheers!

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