Tuesday, November 18, 2014

FEATURING: Brand New Hand Painted Glasses from GMG Glassware

Brand New Hand Painted Glasses from GMG Glassware

We love to express our wine style in many ways at A Bit of Wine. Hand painted wine glasses can be a fun and festive way to show off your wine style. Recently we added new hand painted wine glasses to our online store for our every day wine loving friends.

GMG Glassware features elegant hand painted designs that embrace the ambiance of the vineyard. They are crafted from lead-free crystal that is mouth-blown and individually painted in Romania. Among their designs, we currently carry the following collections:

The Milano Collection - These colorful wine glasses feature an abstract design that is unique to each glass. The cobalt blue line swirl pattern creates panes that are decorated to feel like stained glass. Beautiful. Elegant. Artistic. 

{Check out the Milano SE Collection for an all silver tone version of a similar design.}

The Bacchus Collection - These beautiful hand painted wine glasses bring home the feeling of the vineyard. Featuring grapes and vines, the Bacchus collection comes in your choice of red wine glasses or white wine glasses. 

The Dionysus Collection - This collection of wine glasses allows you to show off your wine varietal of choice. Each set of glasses is dedicated to a single varietal. Show off your favorite wine with the Chardonnay or the Merlot. In total, the Dionysus collection has 4 varietal sets to choose from.

The Olivia Collection - This single set of wine glasses features a classic olive and branch design that would be an excellent pair in a kitchen or dining room themed for Southern Italy.

All GMG Glassware sets come in set of 4 wine glasses. Champagne flutes come in sets of 2. 

We are adding new collections to our site every week. So check back often for new finds and fabulous home wine decor that will show off your wine style. Plus, everything at A Bit of Wine makes a wonderful gift for the wine lovers in your life.

What's your favorite hand painted wine glass?

Cheers wine friends!


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