Thursday, November 14, 2013

Upcycling Your Wine Bottles

Recycled Wine Bottle Tea Lights

Upcycling and recycling wine bottles is a popular trend right now. Everything from decorating wine bottles as counter top home decor to a unique way to add your love of wine to the trees in your yard, there are dozens of recycled bottle crafts for the DIY-ers. I could spend all day looking at ideas on Pinterest for wine bottle crafts...but truth be told, I will probably never get around to some of those amazing creations. That's why I enjoy the following 2 options for upcycled wine bottle decor.

Winecycle by Courtney

Creative businesses like Winecycle by Courtney make exquisite lighted glass wine bottles elegant enough to display year round. Courtney even has seasonal offerings to change out your bottles every couple of months.

Courtney creates an amazing selection of painted wine bottles, re-purposed wine bottle home decor, and corks wreaths that will knock your socks off. Personally, I'm impressed with the size of her wreaths and the amount of corks she has to use to create such masterpieces. If you stop by Winecycle by Courtney, tell her A Bit of Wine sent you and she will give you 10% off your purchase. Or visit her on Facebook to see a showcase of her creations. 


Another recycled wine bottle concept is, LLC. Bottle Tree offers multi-colored wine bottle trees that make a unique way to display your love of wine - both indoors and out. Bottle Tree has designs that can be used in your yard or garden or bring them indoor for a conversational piece at your next wine party. You can choose from many colors to mix and match for your decor.

So, are you a DIY wine bottle crafter, or do you prefer to buy beautifully hand crafted designs from artists like Winecycle by Courtney or Bottle Tree?

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