Friday, May 3, 2013

Last Minute Wine Gifts for Mother's Day

Today is the deadline to order your wine gifts for mom so she receives them by Mother's Day 2013. We've brought you wine gift ideas all week that would be perfect for mom. Have you found something she will like? 

Since today is the deadline, its only fair to give you one more set of wine gift ideas that are perfect for your last minute shoppers out there who really want to WOW your  mom. Today's gift guide are some of our favorite fun wine extras from A Bit of Wine.

Picnic Stix (Set of 3)

These make a great gift mom will use all summer long. Simply put them in the ground next to your chair and you have glass holder and a bottle holder while you enjoy the outdoors. These stix are perfect for camping, picnics, the beach, or relaxing in your backyard.

CHILL Cooling Pour Spout

For your mom's favorite bottle of white wine, this CHILL cooling pour spout works triple duty - chilling the bottle, aerating and pouring the wine. Its a great gift and comes in 4 fun colors.

HOST Adjustable Aerator

If your mom prefers red wine, then the HOST Adjustable Aerator is a great gift. With is 6 levels of aeration, she can choose her setting and pour her favorite red wine. Read more about this product in our recent product review.


Wine gifts are great for moms. They deserve to sit back and relax with a glass in hand. Find her something amazing at A Bit of Wine, then stop by your local wine shop for a bottle to complement your gift. She will appreciate your thoughtfulness.



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