Thursday, April 4, 2013

4 Events That Benefit From Custom Wine Glasses

Who  doesn't love a reason to gather with people we love to be around, socialize, mingle, and enjoy some fantastic company? Throughout the year we all know of businesses, organizations, and even family events that cause a group to gather for one reason or another.

As we gather at these events, inevitably there are always refreshments for the guests. One of the most popular event refreshments is wine. We all love a good party with a glass of wine in our hands. How many times would you have loved to take your memories of that night home with you in the form of a wine glass with the event and date printed on it?

I know some of my favorite wine glasses are the ones that I can look at on my shelf and remember who I drank with, where we were, and what a great time we had. The sentiments are forever attached to that glass by the simple logo or event imprint on that wine glass. This is why custom wine glasses are such a great idea for so many different events. 

Here are 4 events that can benefit from custom wine glasses:

1. Weddings - Wine glasses for the guests is a great way to commemorate your special day. Simply having your names (or monogram) and wedding date on the wine glass, you can ensure that your guests take home a fun and useful gift from your day. Every time they drink from it, they will remember what an amazing wedding you planned!

2. Anniversary Parties - Celebrate the marriage of 2 people by creating beautiful custom wine glasses for them and their guests at their next milestone anniversary party. Whether its the 10th anniversary, 25th anniversary, or 50th anniversary, every year of marriage deserves to be remembered and celebrated. 

3. Corporate Conferences - Company events around the world bring together their staff, clients, or vendors for days worth of valuable information, professional development, or new product launches. Corporate sponsors everywhere should be considering the marketing impact of sending their staff, clients, and vendors home with a custom wine glass memento that will remind them of their time at the conference. 

For direct sales companies with marketing teams operating under different team names, a wine glass branded with the team's name always makes a fun and memorable promotional item for the team members.

4. Non-Profit Fundraisers - Organizations everywhere are hosting fundraising dinners and events where their guests are enjoying wine. Some popular fundraising events recently have been centered around wine and food. Part of keeping donations coming in the door is staying top of mind of the donors. Events where donors or their guests can take away a simple token of your organization will help them remember you next time they reach for a wine glass. When they see the name the organization or event coupled with the date, they will be reminded of the exquisite time they had, and get them thinking about how they want to participate next year...or better yet how they can get involved with another great event coming up.

Regardless of the event, you want your guests to remember you, the day, and the amazing time they had after all the effort you put in to preparing every last detail. Don't let the last detail go overlooked by allowing your guests to drink out of plain wine glasses that they cannot take home. 

Depending on the size of your event and the quantity of glassware, you can order custom made wine glasses from A Bit of Wine for as low as $3.99 each.

What events are you planning for this year?



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