Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tuesday Tasting: Bodega Elena, 2010

Bodega Elena de Mendoza

Style: Chardonnay

Vintage year: 2010

Region: Mendoza, Argentina

Alcohol: 13.7%

Price: $2.99
Welcome back to A Bit of Wine's Tuesday Tasting. With spring weather around the corner, we are featuring a Chardonnay from the Mendoza region of Argentina – Bodega Elena. Get your wine glass ready for this one because at $2.99 a bottle you can afford to drink this Chardonnay!

Most people think of Malbecs when you mention Mendoza Argentina. In fact, Malbec is the most profitable grape varietal for Argentina, but Chardonnay is the 2nd most profitable. The bottles of Chardonnay from this region are under-appreciated, and haven’t got much press, in my experience. But, that is what make the Bodega Elena an amazing buy. Plus, this wine has a great story…

Bodega Elena de Mendoza is named after the family’s matriarch, Elena Napoli, whose parents immigrated from Italy to the heart of Argentina's wine country in the 19th century. They're bold beautiful wines take full advantage of the altitude, eternally sunny skies and the Mountain Water unique to their home of the foot of the Andes.

Not Too Cool, Please:

This Chardonnay is perfect for a warm spring day. It is a crisp white wine, but you don’t want to drink it too cold. The overwhelming amount of alcohol punches your palette up front and the aromas are deadened. This can cause the wine to appear tasteless and flat, which is not a good thing. For drinking white wines, I like a cool 58 degrees for perfect  tasting temp.

Now for The Taste:

Straight out of the bottle you get a lot of green apple, some hints of honey on the nose. The wine is a pale straw color and has long lasting legs when you swirl. This wine is crisp, good fruit on the front end and rather dry. This wine is well crafted and surprisingly easy to drink for a white with so much alcohol. You can easily drink this wine by itself, or pair it with a rosemary roasted chicken and parsnip puree. It is quite a delight to drink, especially a relaxing spring day!

A Bit of Wine’s Tastings Results

Flavor Profile:         7
Drinkability:           5
Affordability:        10
Total:                 7.3

Believe it or not, we like this out-of-the-box choice of wine from Mendoza. It’s a little high maintenance to get the temperature just right (remember, not too cold). But for only $2.99 a bottle affordability makes this a great every day table wine to have on hand through the spring and summer months.

What do you drink when the weather turns warm?



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