Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tasting Tuesday: Hinojosa Malbec, 2009

Hinojosa Malbec
Region: Mendoza Argentina
Vintage: 2009
Price: $20
Alcohol: 13.8%
Have you found yourself drinking more Malbec recently? Well, this is one of our favorite varietals to drink. Malbec has really made a surge recently in the marketplace, and we are enjoying every bit of it. So, when we find a great one, we take it home.

Recently, while attending a wine tasting at a friend’s wine bar in Pittsboro, NC, I discovered Hinojosa. I hadn’t heard of it before, so it was worth a try since an Argentinian Malbec especially suites my fancy. 

This Malbec comes to us from the Mendoza region of Argentina and is oak aged 12 months in a 50/50 French/American oak.

The Experiment

One of my favorite features of a Malbec is the changing characteristics that happens with this bold wine as it opens up and is allowed to breathe. With our bottle of Hinojosa, we tried a little experiment. Wanting to discover the transformation of flavors, we poured three glasses of wine. 

The First Glass

With the first glass, we drank immediately to gauge the ripe flavors fresh from the bottle. Right out of the bottle, Hinojosa has a deep purple color and wafts of alcohol which is followed swiftly by a notes of ripe black fruits. On the palate, the taste is huge with cabernet characteristic, but the alcohol takes over. This is the perfect example of why you should decant your big red wines and let them breathe before drinking.

Time for the second glass. 

After fifteen minutes we came back to the second glass to taste how this Malbec has evolved opening in the glass. We find the nose to be almost buttery with a hint of vanilla. It is a night and day difference from the first glass. The rich black fruits are still subtly there. The aeration process has tamed the overwhelming alcohol notes to a more enjoyable tone. The taste of oak rises with rich tannins and finishes with bits of peppery spice that is key to a Malbec.

Our third and final glass...

...has been breathing for 30 minutes. This glass gives us a glimpse at how the Hinojosa Malbec evolves to its full flavor profile with the black fruit and vanilla tones balancing the pepper and alcohol of the bottle. The transformation of flavors was apparent and the complexity of this wine explodes differently on your palate with each taste.

This is an excellent food wine that would pair nicely with a pepper steak with horseradish studded mash potatoes and poached parsnips. Its a hearty wine for a hearty meal perfect in colder weather.


So, how would we rate this one

  • Flavor Profile:                   8.00
  • Drinkability:                      7.00
  • Affordability:                     7.00
  • Overall Enjoyment:          7.30



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