Friday, February 1, 2013

For the Love of Wine: Elevating Your Senses

Some of the best times in my life were accompanied with a glass of wine. It is something Keith and I connect over on a regular basis. We appreciate the complexity of a fine bottle and are thrilled to find an affordable wine that drinks better than half the bottles 10x their price. It’s a rare occurrence to engage in social settings without a glass in hand.  Living and loving wine is what we do. For this reason (and many others), we are enjoying our journey with A Bit of Wine.

Wine has the ability to transport your senses. From an elegant dinner in a restaurant to a relaxing evening at home, wine is more than what is in the glass. It is an experience. To drink wine in great company with some great food becomes an aesthetic occasion of the five senses.  The sights, smells, sounds, taste, and touch are elevated. 

Sight -Wine brings people together. Over a glass (or 2) of wine you catch up with the ones you love spending time. Whether family or friends, a social gathering is rarely complete without popping a few corks and seeing the people who matter in your life.

Smells - Food. Wine is best served with amazing food. The smells of a home cooked meal or a great steak house combines with the beautiful botanicals of your wine of preference. Often referred to as ‘the nose’ the aroma of wine gives your first insight to the taste you will experience on the first sip.

Sounds  - The sounds of conversations, the uncorking a properly aged bottle, glasses clinking together as people celebrate and enjoy each other’s company, these are the sounds that we here when wine brings people together.  These are the sounds we want to recreate on a regular basis.

Taste - The heart of a great wine experience.  You choose your wine based on taste and how it will taste with the meal you plan to serve with it. White wines for white meats, fish, and cheeses. Red wines for steaks, red meats, and pasta. Of course these pairings aren't steadfast, but it is the premise by which we choose what bottle to drink with the foods we choose.

Touch - A cool glass in your hand, the warmth of the alcohol across your lips, and the added embrace of a loved one, touch is a critical experience for enjoying wine.  To sip my favorite bottle of red wine, the oaky flavors wrap me like the warmth of a blanket.

So, as we begin the 2nd month of 2013, grab your favorite bottle of wine and the people you love. Take some time to appreciate the experience that come with the love of wine. 

Join us at A Bit of Wine in celebrating what we love. Share with us your all-time favorite bottle of wine.



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