Monday, January 7, 2013

Featured Product: Vacu Vin Flexible Wine Rack

Our Featured Product this month is inspired by one of my New Year's Resolutions - to get the house more organized. We recently introduced several new wine racks in our shop (and more to come soon) as part of my effort to organize the wine collection. There are so many types of wine racks, I had fun shopping through all the different styles.

This product really intrigued me by its simplicity and versatility. It is called the Vacu Vin Flexible Wine Rack. Not a super sassy name, but it describes this guy to a tee. While the design is simple (6 round spaces for the wine bottle), the functionality of it allows you to customize the rack to the space you are storing your wine.

Vacu Vin Flexible Wine Rack

Made of stainless steel and hand made, this wine rack has won awards for its design. Look at the different options this ONE rack gives you.

For table or counter top storage, the large 6-bottle pyramid looks nice, is sturdy, and will fit nicely on just about any flat surface.

Change it up a little by making 2 smaller 3-bottle pyramids that are attached side-by-side. This looks nice for separating your reds and whites and fits just about anywhere.

Or lay all six sets of rings flat and be able to store your wine in a cellar or dining room with minimal height needed. Stack several of these racks on each other to build height as your collection grows.

So, its not a highly complex product. But the Vacu Vin Flexible Wine Rack does give you some options if you are looking to store a select number of bottles within arms reach of your dining area and kitchen. 

Stop by A Bit of Wine to buy your own Vacu Vin Flexible Wine Rack or one of the newest additions to our wine rack collection.

We hope your new year is getting off to an organized start. 




  1. Great rack for bottles!!! thanks for sharing...:)
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  2. Glad you like it. It is a very cool rack for any home.

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  4. Hi Matthew! Thank you for stopping by and reading. We love to hear from our readers. Hope you come back often and share your thoughts and feedback.

  5. Wow, this flexible hanging wine rack is so cool. I can adjust it according to space limitations. It is very simple and looking amazing.

  6. Hi Jack! Glad you like it. Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to visit our shop for more wine rack ideas or contact us to become one of our vendors for wine racks.

  7. Amazing flexible wine racks. I think we can take them anywhere if we need to take them.